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Your application will not be denied solely because you have an eviction record or solely because your credit score or screening score from a tenant screening report falls below a specific numerical threshold. Acceptance or denial of your rental application will involve a review of your application and conducting an individualized assessment based on uniform screening criteria. Additionally, your application will not be automatically denied based in whole, or in part, on the following:

1. Credit information or credit report, tenant screening report, or any other consumer report demonstrating a failure to pay rent or utility bills during COVID-19 emergency periods.

2. An eviction history or eviction record as follows:(a) an eviction proceeding that did not result in a judgment in favor of the plaintiff; or

(b) a sealed record of an eviction proceeding; or

(c) an eviction judgment that has been vacated or marked satisfied ; or

(d) an eviction case or eviction judgment that was entered four (4) or more years before the application to rent was submitted;

(e) an eviction proceeding commenced during the Covid-19 emergency period, (other than an eviction based on violent or dangerous criminal activity) that resulted in a judgment against the tenant.

(f) an eviction proceeding where a judgment by agreement is currently in place, or where the judgment by agreement has been marked satisfied or vacated, or is otherwise resolved.
If your application is denied, you may notify us by written or electronic means of your intent to dispute or request reconsideration of the denial within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the denial.